For Your Safety - A message from Dr. Mims

I know that you must be concerned about your health and the well being of your families. As a mother of a 12-year-old son and dentist, I want to reassure you that your safety is my number one priority. Protecting the safety and well being of my patients, my team, and my family has always been my main goal. As a dental surgeon, I deal with treating infections on a daily basis, it's a natural instinct. Our practice always adheres to the highest standard of care and safety. Now, with COVID-19 we are working together to elevate our knowledge and achieve even greater standards of care. 

Please click the link below to learn how we are protecting our patients.


We express gratitude and appreciation to you for entrusting the Smile Institute of Family Dentistry with your dental care. In this time, gratitude and appreciation are sentiments that may be less popular as people are feeling a great deal of despair, anxiety, frustration, and uncertainty.

The pandemic has affected the healthcare industry in tremendous ways. For dental practices, staffing shortages have had a severe impact since many hygienists were forced to retire or some stepped away from the industry after evaluating the risk-reward factors.

As a result of the work force shortage, our practice has had to reserve fewer appointments. We ask for your patience. If you have an appointment reserved to see Dr. Mims, try your best to keep that appointment because her next available reservation may not be for several months.

We encourage all our patients to optimize their health by consistent home care habits to include twice daily brushing and flossing.

Although uncertainty is occurring all around us, one thing will not change, Dr. Mims and her team love seeing our patients and we are committed to provide 5-star service. Thank you for choosing us. We look forward to seeing you at your next dental visit!

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